Customer Photos

Wow, we do nice work ;) Thanks for sharing the pics of your custom WRS cellar Cheri R.!

A beautiful custom wine cellar built for Ed & Linda G. Looks fabulous full stocked with their favorite bottles!

Repeat customer J. Luhan, first ordered racking for his home. His second order, pictured, is in his restaurant. Now his guests will be able to enjoy our beautiful racks in their wine room!

Custom wine wall all set up for our Seattle customer to pick up!

A "before and after" from The Luhans. Our wine racks can turn any space into a fabulous wine cellar!

Our wine racks, stained in Ebony, sitting pretty in Tashan (a restaurant in Philadelphia serving up Indian tapas).

Our 110 Bottle Premium Wine Rack happily filled up by Sam F.!

A beautiful custom wine cellar done for Sharon S. Such a great use of our different kinds of racking!

Another closet turned wine cellar! Thanks to the Auzas' for the great pics!

Janet S. made a beautiful wine/sitting room using our wine racks!

Custom wine cellar built for Lisa & Rodney P. to fit into a spare closet area. What a creative use of space!

Large closet turned custom wine cellar! Thanks for the pictures Jody L.!

Small storage room turned wine cellar! Thanks for the great pics Dan W.!

An alternate use for some of our Modular Wine Racks. Good thinking James B.!

Wine rack put into some dead space under Eric T.'s counter in the kitchen. See?! You can have a wine cellar any where!

Custom wine cellar designed for Jim & Sydney M. Thanks for the great photos of the completed product!

A beautiful custom wine rack added into an antique hutch that a customer refinished. What a great idea!

A beautifully stained wine cube that was sent to a customer in the military all the way in Sicily!

Some great photos of our Wine Coffee Table from it's beautiful home in Jim Hutching's living room.

A beautiful wine cellar made for a small and exclusive private wine club.

A great custom wine cube that we made for a customer who plans on attaching the rack underneath her kitchen cabinets!

Al Marth stained his racks and put them next to the beautiful ice box that his wife had refinished for him as a gift. What a great idea for a liquor cabinet!

Here is a good example of our Versatile Wine Racks being used in some cabinets. Thanks to Kathy

Here is the interior of The Winery in St. Ignace, MI. The store sells a variety of products including wine. Notice how they use our 110 Bottle Premium Wine Racks. The one in the foreground uses a display kit to align the bottles on top of the wine rack. The wine racks in the back ground are back to back to form an island. Elizabeth from The Winery wishes that all their wine racks were ours! Check out their store and say hi. They are great folks.

Tracey has lined her cellar with our wine racks. She uses them to hold not only wine but champagne and sparkling water as well. Creative!

Barry used our wine racks to complete his wine cellar!

Mick Ter Haar, of Cork and Canvas, used our wine racks to outfit his store. Pictures courtesy of Cork and Canvas.

Now the wine cellar is finished with the addition of the cube.

As you can tell the cellar turned out great. Was quoted over $15,000 to do the racking. You provided all the racking for $3,000 and some assembly time.

Comments above by Bill Cappel

Wine storage at Sambuca.

Su Vino Winery constructed this massive wine wall out of wine cubes.

Eric Bach applied a custom finish to his wine rack that complements his wood flooring.

A restaurant in Los Angeles uses our 144 bottle Instant Cellar racks to store their wine. The result is an economical and efficient wine storage solution.

Dick Dickstein features our products in his wine cellar. A nice combination of cubes and racks provides variety and gives the room just the right touch.

A new wine store used our racks exclusively for their wine display.
The total cost came to less than $1.00 per bottle including additional moldings.

Our wine racks were used throughout this wine store at a surprisingly low cost.
You will be surprised how little a wine cellar costs.
Just phone us at 1-866-676-4028 and we will be happy to help you with your design.

The folks at Kimball Associates used a black finish to give their rack a distinctive look.

Alex made some minor modifications to our 20 bottle rack and added trim pieces to give the installation a finished and built-in look. Very nice work.

Bill in Kansas combined our 20 and 44 bottle racks to create a nice storage area.

Jon in Dallas installed our racks in a new home that he just finished building.

Jason in New York installed our rack in his small apartment. He painted and stained the rack to precisely match his furniture.

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