Vine Invader

leafminer moth; vine eating moth

The vineyards of Northern Italy are on the look out for an invader.

 Victoria Gill of BBC Nature writes that antispila oinophylla is a form of leafminer moth common in North America, but only recently named by scientists. They do not know how it happened, but this insect has been seen on the grape vines of North Italian wineries since 2006. Trento and Veneto area vineyards were particularly vulnerable to the moth.

This region supports Merlot, Corvina and Pinot¬†Grigio among other grapes. Ca’Vettoria, Masi, Nino Franco, Lot 66: these are just some of the wineries which could notice this invader causing damage among their vines.

There was no mention in the article as to how greatly antispila oinophylla will affect the Italian wine industry. Perhaps it is too early to tell what impact the moth will have on your wine rack.

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