It’s All in a Name

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I’m sure readers have noticed that wineries across the country, continent and globe often share at least a part of their names with other wineries.

Common examples start with Copper (Copper Mountain, Washington, Copper Dock, Illinois, Copper Ridge etc.) or containing the word Bear (Black Bear, NY, White Bear, BC, Huge Bear, Napa, Wooden Bear L, Ontario). There’s a Crazy Creek, Crazy Flower, Crazy Horse, Plum Crazy, not to mention Straightjacket.

Eagles are popular with winery owners too. Look out for Eagle Creek (WA), Eagle Castle (CA), Screaming Eagle (Napa), Eagle Point (Ontario), Soaring Eagle (BC), and Eagle’s Nest (South African and California).

The question is, why do owners choose these monikers? It’s easy to see in certain cases. Ridges, Cliffs, Rivers, Lakes: if a winery is situated on or near any one of these features, the label will often verify this fact. Anything that is ‘crazy’ will grab attention, especially if it has needed restraining. Eagles and bears are powerful, beautiful creatures. One rules the forest. The other is master of the skies. They represent freedom and the glory of creation. Expect both grace and power from anything on your wine rack entitled ‘bear’ or ‘eagle’. If your drink comes out whining like a puppy or squawking like a seagull, it might have been misnamed.

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