Change is as Good as a Rest

274835848_b217f78f94_mSince I started writing for the wine rack store blog, I have frequented a quaint little wine shop 25 miles away from my home (I live in the middle of nowhere). I sometimes struggle with breaking routines; it’s easier to keep doing the same old same old and not having to think. But a new wine supplier was recommended to me and having felt a little uninspired my last few wine store visits, decided to try something new.

And oh I’m so glad I did.

After a wonderful evening shopping with a friend and a visit to the new restaurant in town (and a whole “hiding the restaurant’s call beeper in the parking lot so we could go shopping while we waited” incident) we hit this “new” wine shop at the other end of town (well, new to me). As I opened the door, I knew I had made the right choice. Row after row of wine stretched out in front of me separated by grape and price range. Perfect for my nice wine on a budget goal.

Actually the amount of choice made it difficult to choose. After wandering around for a while and listening to my friends numerous suggestions (Do you like sweet? No. Do you like champagne? No. Have you tried this? Yes) it was getting a little confusing. I decided to go down the cheapest aisle that contained reds and pick up whatever I hadn’t already tried, in a nice bottle, with an interesting title and at my price point. I’d leave the other aisles for another visit.

After selecting quite a few bottles (and like other wine bloggers feeling the facial heat as other customers looked on like I was a complete lush) I head up to the counter for my next surprise. The store offered reusable sectioned wine bottle bags that you brought back each visit for a ten percent discount per bottle. Getting paid to be green? It was turing into a great evening.

After signing up for the mailing list for news of new arrivals and tastings in the area, I hauled my bootie bag out to the car and headed home happy at the change I had made and excited by the variety (and price) of my wine selections.

The moral of this ramble is?  Everyone likes variety on their wine rack but you won’t find that variety by visiting the same old wine shop week after week. Sometimes you have to explore new options, take recommendations from other vino fans and think outside of the wine box. There could be a great number of new wines to try right under your nose.

And a few miles closer to home.

Change is a win win.

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