Gentle Art, Bottle Painting

379346517_1e4a4c0634_mAfter a very nice lunch at a new friend’s house yesterday I noticed a beautiful wine rack and wine fridge in the far corner of her living room. A brief conversation and I discovered a fellow red wine drinker. As I explained my job writing for the wine rack store blog she exclaimed that she just had to show me her hand painted wine bottles.

Apparently painting wine bottles is quite the hobby for some people. Some people sell them; I assure you a quick browse of the internet will show they are not a bargain buy. There are plenty of how to guides online about how to proceed and the types of paint to use. Some of the designs are quite intricate.

Apparently you can spray paint a clean dry bottle to prepare the surface for painting with acrylic or textile paint. When painting on a canvas you prepare the surface with gesso and I wonder if that may work for wine bottles too. Seems I may have to experiment with a bottle or two instead of taking them to the recycling plant.

Well a little more research I discovered that if you paint the entire bottle’s surface with glass etching cream you will create a rough paintable surface. You can buy the etching cream at your local craft store.

My friend had quite an extensive collection of wine bottle artwork. She paints the bottles and then fills them with her batches of homemade wine and gives them out to friends and family as holiday and birthday gifts. It doesn’t seem that hard, once you get over the surface and shape. What a great way to reuse your wine bottles.

And what a nice way to fill the gaps in your wine rack. You could use your painted bottles as space fillers until you give them to your friends. A nice wine tasting party favor and a great way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon.

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