Whites for Summer at the Wine Rack Store

Christopher Waters at the Toronto Sun recommends that the flavors on our wine racks should shed layers in the same way that we do during warmer weather. In other words, those rich reds will probably be eschewed in favor of lighter flavors.  He had some suggestions as to what wine-lovers might want to try as well. Waters named three whites. A Sauvignon Blanc is the Nederberg from South Africa. Masi 2009 Modello della Venezia Bianco is a mouthful from Italy. Out of Australia comes Yabby Lake’s 2008 Cooralook Pinot Grigio.

I have a few more to add, examples from my own experience. Banrock Station in Australia makes a sparkling Chardonnay that is worth trying. Naked Grape produces lots of lovely, light wines without oak. The Pinot Grigio from Little Black Dress in the U.S. is also worth a look. All of these are within the $10-$15 range. Of course, if you can get hold of a Larch Hills Ortega, this will be worth the effort and expense.

This savvy Sun writer also had some advice to offer regarding what temperatures to keep wines at. Your fuller bodied bottles need to be chilled, but not too cold. He asserts that too much ice will numb the flavors and aromas, putting a damper on your experience of the brand. Keep these at around ten degrees (your Ortega or a fine quality Chardonnay are two good examples). Lighter wines (like your Sparkling Chardonnay perhaps?) will do fine at the lower temperatures as they are less complex.

Stay cool, by all means. Just not too cool.

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