Spooky Cocktails

What do you keep on your wine rack that really befits the season of spookiness? Quite frankly, Merlot doesn’t cut it and neither does Chardonnay. I’m thinking zombies, blood etc. Isn’t everyone?

How about a Bloody Brew using vodka, beer, tomato juice and tabasco? Or a Banshee made from Creme de Banane, White Creme de Cacao and Cream? Try a Corpse Reviver made from brandy, Fernet Branca and White Creme de Menthe (Fernet Branca is thick, bitter Italian liqueur with a high alcohol content). A Kahlua Black Cat would be for me with the addition of vanilla vodka and Sambuca. Purr.

Never fear, not all Halloween cocktails suggest creepy or evil doings in the dark. Some are justĀ a lot of fun, though a Pumpkin Pie cocktail sounds just gross. Pumpkin pie filling with Malibu, Kahlua and cold milk? Bleyuckarg.

Caramel Applie Pie: now we’re talking. Tequila, Butterscotch Schnapps and apple cider with lemon juice. I guess, considering how many kinds of cider there are, one could add individual flare.

The simplest is Tootsie Roll: just Dark Creme de Cacao and orange juice. So that’s what makes a Tootsie Roll unique. Mystery solved.

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