Pub History at the Wine Rack Store

The Golden Cross, Cardiff

One reader indicated an interest in reading more about historic wine bars after reading about Gordon’s in London. Pubs are more common, of course. There is one on every major street corner in every village. Schools and churches may empty-out, but the pubs remain and continue to attract business.

The latest trend among pub-goers is to ask for real ale. A group called CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) suggests ways to get real ale back in pubs if you are interested. Heritage Pubs has the information, plus lots more. In fact, this website featured lots of fascinating information about public houses in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. In fact, there is little mention of wine racks amid their pages.

Instead, Michael Slaughter has posted plenty of beautiful photographs of pub interiors to illustrate various points. Pubs took different forms depending on where one found them and when. For example, rural taverns often began as rooms in private homes where cider or beer were sold. These sometimes expanded to offer more sitting room. Others began with a small bar and guest rooms until the pub portion took over.

Cathedrals look something like places of worship in terms of their high ceilings and ornate decoration. Stained glass windows gleam high above patrons. Archways, elaborately carved woodwork, rich colors and equally rich seating marked these examples from circa 1900, an age of temperance. The prevailing notion was ‘fewer, but better.’ Certain buildings have an almost ‘Rococo’ feel to them in their lavishness.

After WWII, building styles lost their romance in the same way that literature did, taking on sharper edges and a simpler method of expression.

Visit The Bridge in Devon, Margaret Catchpole of Ipswich, or the Argyll Arms in London for a short lesson in the architectural trends behind a social institution.

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