Muscat de Frontignan: An Ancient Grape

Vin de Constance

There are many grapes which have been dated back to antiquity, but World of Wine suggests that Muscat de Frontignan could be the oldest. It first grew in Ancient Greece before being planted in small crops around the world.

Hungary, France, the United States, South Africa: these are just a handful of countries where one will find this fruit growing. Whereas many grapes offer complex tasting notes quite apart from the obvious, the Frontignan is said to taste like grapes (The World Wine). It also produces some of the highest-rated bottles one will find on world wine racks and in carefully stocked cellars according to Wine Spectator.

They were talking about the sale of a South African estate where one fine example of this white is made.┬áKlein Constantia has enjoyed a long life as an estate, though their wines debuted in the 80′s (Wine Spectator). Vin de Constance (the Muscat) is a dessert wine.

This version of the Muscat is made into a number of different styles. Dessert, sparkling and still wines are just a handful of ways in which it manifests itself. Frontignan also lends its flavor to white blends.

If you are looking for a bottle, the cost ranges anywhere from very low to exorbitant. Merryvale in California makes a $30 and a nearly $70 version. Certain French examples known as Cuvee Grand Premier will cost just over $10 Canadian.

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