German Festivities Explored

Stuttgart Wine Village

During the months of August and September there is a lot of wine and beer flowing in different parts of Germany*. Not only is the Berlin Beer Festival just around the corner (August 5-7) with its 2,000 types of brew, but numerous wine festivals take place here annually.

We’re not just talking about minor sipping sessions for small groups or a few stalls in an exhibition center. While the Beer festival has created a record-breaking beer garden, the whole town of Stuttgart is transformed into a wine village from August 24-September 4.

Two weeks prior to this major transformation, visitors will enjoy the Stuttgart Wine Festival in the Hamburg Marketplace. In both instances, tourists should be prepared to eat goodies and purchase crafts created with regional flare. The village will feature 250 regional wines. Consumers might recognize varietals such as Trollinger, Riesling, or Lemberger. Other grapes might be less well known and might make pleasant additions to your temporary hotel room wine rack (the dresser? a desk?)

If you aimed to arrive in time for the beer, Rotweinfest happens August 6th on the Middle Rhine and focuses on reds.  Later visitors could take in Stuttgart Village and Mainz Wine Festival at the same time. This latter event takes places August 25-28 and September 1-4 in the Mainz Wine Market.

*Thanks to Tony and Helen Page for their information regarding wine and beer festivals in Germany.

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  1. Thanks for the credit. Candice may wish to correct last paragraph to read “Middle Rhine” and not “Middle Rhone” which runs through France and Switzerland.

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