A Tuscan Tour at the Wine Rack Store

Ideas frequently intersect with one another. Stories overlap. While talking about a couple who had just spent their honeymoon traveling around Naramata by moped, a friend remarked on his own similar adventure.

This gentleman, who has considerable knowledge on the subject of oenology, had only recently returned from a tour of Tuscany by scooter. He visited the origins of those famous Chianti wines where, he noted ironically, the view was very similar to that of Naramata, though less elevated. Why get on a plane, hey?

But his trip took him all over an historic region of a fascinating country. There are castles, culinary exploits, and ancient art at every turn. One tour sight comments that riding around in a scooter gets the tourist closer to his environment rather than removing him from it by sealing him in a metal box (think of that line in Synchronicity II by the Police, about the ‘shiny metal boxes’, like steel tombs.)

Wine tours by bicycle, moped, scooter, and even by car are great ways to explore the origins of those bottles you admire on a wine rack. They offer a way to get to the root of your Chianti.

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