2008 Sutter Home Cab Sauvignon

I keep trying to find a bargain red wine from California for the wine rack. Everyone thinks California is the place for great wine. In my experience I found a few I might drink again but nothing great. On a budget, it seems difficult to find a real tasty Cabernet but I persevere. Time to crack open this little bottle of red.

Does not smell good. Has that overly perfume odor that makes you think cheap wine. Underneath that there is the slight smell of crushed strawberries. In fact the 2008 from Sutter Home does look like strawberry juice rather than wine. Every time I inhale, the wine smells more and more like candy.

A rough swirl around the bowl of the glass and there are more detectable smells associated with a Cabernet. There is crushed grass, bananas and a mixture of bark and grape leaves.

The initial sip is overly sharp, mouth puckering and without density, a strange combination to say the least. A few minutes have passed and I still have the sourness in the back of my throat. I taste vinegar, grass and onion: not good. There’s cheap wine and then there’s this.

I should have realized when I could buy the wine in a miniature bottle like a wine cooler that it wasn’t going to be good. I still haven’t found the perfect cheap California red wine yet. There have been a few passables but still nothing I would recommend anyone rush out and buy.

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