Vegan Wines in the Wine Cellar

The actual vegan movement began in the 1940′s with the founding of the Vegan Society. Founder of the organization, Donald Watson, invented the term “vegan” to describe a lifestyle devoid of animal derived foods and products. His journey towards a compassionate lifestyle started when he was a young man living on a family farm. Always encouraged to think freely (kudos to the parents), Watson adopted veganism in an effort to come to terms with the feelings of frustration and sadness for the way farm animals were treated. His desire to see the end of suffering for all creatures also extended to humans, as he was a pacifist and conscientious objector to the war. After a healthy 95 years, Watson died peacefully among family in his home in England.

Since the founding of veganism, the availability of non-animal products has expanded remarkably. This includes delicious wines for the wine cellar!
Oddly enough, I wasn’t aware that certain processes used in making alcoholic beverages might include animal derived products. For example, isinglass is a substance made out of fish swimbladders and is used during the clarification process for both wine and beer. This substance attracts impurities which can then be removed from the fermenting tank. This particular clarifying agent is most often found in German white wines.
Bentonite is an alternative clarifying substance that consists of a clay powder that acts as a magnet for impurities. In fact, both agents serve the same purpose but there’s no chance of any animal derived residue in the final product when one uses bentonite instead of isinglass for clarification.
It’s also important to note that organic wines may not necessarily be vegan, so be sure you carefully inspect the label if you are only interested in vegan wine varieties. Either way, they will look beautiful waiting for your family and friends in your carbon neutral wine cube. After all, caring about animals should also include caring about their habitat.
Here are a few vegan wines you might like to try the next time you visit your favorite wine store or winery:
Asda Argentinian Malbec
Santa Rosa Estate Voignier
Hardys Bin 7 Leasingham Riesling
Andrew Peace Peace Shiraz
Brown Brothers Patricia Merlot
Coral Sands Sangiovese Shiraz
McGuigan Estates Chardonnay
Peter Lehmann Cabernet Franc
Robinvale Zinfandel
Yellowtail Cabernet Sauvignon
Temple Bruer Riesling
Rosenblum Cellars wines
Frey Biodynamic Petite Syrah
Frey Organic Barbera
Asda Chilean Chardonnay
Chapel Hill Cabernet Sauvignon
This list goes on and on so if you’d like to see more, please visit the vegan wine guide.
Discount Wine Cellars also has the best animal themed wine charms that are certifiably vegan and undeniably elegant. If you don’t see something you like (yeah, you picky person you!), please let us know and we can arrange a custom order.

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