Time to Chill With Some Vino

I took my child to the Hands On Children’s Museum yesterday for some exploratory fun. We started out in the garden section which has an assortment of plastic veggies arranged in a faux plot. Beside this, was an interesting delivery truck which adventurous children can pretend to “drive.” While my son was sitting in the driver’s seat, carefully imagining swerving around traffic to deliver flowers to his amazing mother–a rude boy walked inside and put his hands right on the wheel.

Now, I usually try to hang back and let my son deal with other kids but I just couldn’t hold back. I looked right at the little twerp and said, “Would you like a turn?” in the most pleasant non wine soaked voice in the entire universe. The boy just looked at me with a blank stare, shook his head in a “yes” motion, and continued to try turning the wheel while my son was still using it. Fury built up inside of me, much like a corked bottle of champagne, yet I just waited. The fury inside me was paltry compared to what exploded from my son who was now irritated beyond measure. Rather than smack at the inconsiderate boy that didn’t know how to wait his dang turn, my child proceeded to run right out of the building.

So, I did manage to coax my infuriated yet still angelic child back into the Children’s Museum so he could fully enjoy the rest of the splendid playrooms. One of my favorites was one with a ton of Moon Sand, which I learned turns into cement on your scalp. Trust me, I know this so keep this stuff off your head! We ended the day in the gift shop, which unfortunately didn’t carry wine in any shape or form for dreary parents in dire need of refreshment. I suppose that is ok, considering I practically have a store full of bottlings in supreme-ly outfitted wine cellar.
All I hope is that the child-without-manners parents (who were nowhere in sight) end up offsetting some carbon or something to make up for their lack of parenting abilities.

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