New Hampshire Winter Wine Fest 2010


I don’t know why, but New Hampshire wasn’t the first place I thought of when considering where there might be a wine festival. Still, in retrospect, the location makes sense when I recall that it is January. Winter wine should be consumed at a wintery location. Their festival started mid-January but continues into mid-February, even encompassing Valentine’s Day while they’re at it.
If this gets you interested, then take note: the website shows many events sold out, and while Feb. 14th isn’t yet, it probably soon will be so take your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/grandmother there before space runs out. The title is ‘Veuve Clicquot Champagne Grand Vintner’s Dinner with Chef Pierre Gignac of 98 Provence’. The reception is at 6pm with a four course dinner beginning at 7pm. A little late for me, but then if I was there, my stomach would still say it was only mid-afternoon, so perfect really. The cost is steep: $129.95 per/person, and although we on the west coast are behind by the clock, we count money the same way. Still, the plan is to create a ‘Sweetheart Menu’ which, at that price, has to include chocolate in some way. Otherwise what kind of a Valentine’s gift would that make?
There are lots of dinners at the wine festival with high prices and gourmet chefs attached. There is also the chance to purchase wine at outlet prices if you arrive on February 7th from 1-4. Fill your wine cellar with the good stuff you can’t normally afford. Another cheaper event is the regular ‘Flight Night’ happening every Tuesday-Thursay from 5-7pm at the Roosevelt’s Lounge. Here you can sample free hors d’ouevres and have wine paired with them by guest professionals. The price is from $10-$18 per/night depending on the wines selected.
Then start counting down: spring isn’t far away.

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