2007 Turning Leaf Pinot Noir

Once again my husband came home with an offering from the Turning Leaf folks. I keep telling myself its not his fault. Hes just trying to fill up the wine rack with bottles that fit the budget. Like myself, he is still learning about what types and brands of wine we prefer.

15925478_80199e40e3_mThe bouquet is interesting and includes a scent I can not quite place. There is banana, orange tree leaves and a little twig in there. It smells sweet like maraschino cherries. I am delaying the taste as I have a feeling I will be very disappointed.

It is not as bad as I thought it would be but it is not good. The Pinot is a very one note wine. The initial taste is sharp and dry but the unbalanced tannins send your face into contortions; the whole lemon sucking effect.

The more I drink the more the smell of the wine changes, from sweet and fruity to odd and slightly medicinal. It is as though some cherry scented cough drops slipped into my glass when I was not looking.

The texture is more sticky than smooth lingering on the roof of my mouth rather than refreshing my palette. I taste the slightly woody tone to the wine which I like but its not enough to redeem the Pinot and its not enough to gain a place on my wine rack.  The density is light and forgettable.

I had to pair this with any meal I was not really enjoying anyway. It is without structure. I am not spitting it out but I am not interested in drinking more. Pinot Noir does not seem to be the wine for me. It is all sharp red cherries rather than black cherry and plums.

The Turning Leaf Company, despite using grapes from Germany, continues to unimpress. This is something I may have drunk before I really started understanding about wine and what I actually like to drink. And that’s what counts in the end: drinking wine you enjoy.

That and nothing more.

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