Wine, Friends, and the Wine Rack Store

I’ve been storing an Ovino Pinot Gris on my wine rack for some months now. I wanted to give it to friends of ours in the Fraser Valley and we finally went to see them this weekend. I’m not sure if my impressions are based on any changes in the wine as it aged, but it was even better than that first sample at the tasting bar. Continue reading

Customers Appreciated at Cream Ridge Winery

There are definite advantages to being a member of at least wine club. Members receive invitations to special events which are not open to the public. They could receive discounts on purchases and have access to new releases before they hit commercial wine racks. Continue reading

Can We Stop at a Winery

This is what I will be asking my husband when we drive to the coast next week: can we stop here? We pass Township 7 Winery, actually, since Langley is en route to Vancouver. I guess time is a factor. If we’re late, my wine rack will have to wait.

By late, I mean late for supper at our friends’ house. They put us up whenever we’re in town and our kids play with their kids. Then we can step out and visit other relatives whose homes are less kid friendly, like grandma and grandpa’s condo. Faye may be almost a teen, but she can still be silly and loud where neighbors below are concerned. And Eve, well, when she’s been cooped-up in a car for hours, she’s like an unleashed tornado.

Just in case we drop by Township 7, I looked into their menu of wines. Among them were some interesting flavors and some easy drinking possibilities. For example, the 7 Blanc white blend contains a combination of Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Muscat. Apparently the result is an off-dry, citrus and fruit finish.

Their Black Dog 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon won silver at the North West Wine Summit Awards. Their Cabernet Merlot sounds heavenly: Cassis, chocolate and currants on the nose; cedar, vanilla, cherry and blackberry in the mouth. Actually, I could do without cedar, but the rest would make for divine sipping.

Maybe I shouldn’t do this research. I’ll only feel bad when we drive right past.

2008 Fish Eye Pinot Grigio

275531768_939c35bd17_mAfter experiencing one affordable Pinot Grigio, it seemed prudent to follow with a second to help compare the two and tidy up the wine rack a little. Too many whites where I usually place reds. Hey, I’m trying to think outside of the box. Or the bottle as you will.

The Fish Eye folks are known for their four bottle wine boxes that stay fresh for six weeks. Great idea if you can get around the unconscious pretension that arises when someone says box wine. This Fish Eye offering came in a bottle, although there is a screw top lid. Looking at the website of the winery it seems I’m in for another laid back offering from the Californians. They seem to take wine a lot less seriously than the French but perhaps I’m pre judging. Best get to the tasting.

The glass is a very light yellow, almost clear in appearance and makes a stark contrast to the overly colorful fish motif of the label. I’m not sure about putting so much pink and electric blue on a wine label but perhaps it spells fun, California beach scene. For me, it’s a bit busy and it was the name rather than the label that made me want to try this one.


It smells like the Riesling I had with thanksgiving dinner. There’s a creamy musty odor and the faintest hint of gooseberries. The must is more intense than the Barefoot Pinot Grigio I tried today so I’m guessing its going to be a sharper stronger flavor portfolio. After a second swirl or I can smell is more gooseberries.

A smooth sip with a slightly dry aftertaste is what you get from the Fish Eye folks. The more I chew on the wine the sharper the vinegar taste. This may be dry and sharp but the actual taste is very one note and slightly furry. My tongue feels a little muffled and my taste buds a little puckered yet bored. There’s nothing special about this white wine.

They say “fish eye” is an indication of a good catch but this is just an alright catch for me. It probably won’t appear on my wine rack in the future. This is a probably a good thing as the label was seriously clashing with the collection.

Barefoot Pinot Grigio and Survives

410340190_3df5f10116_mPinot Grigio is a variant of the Pinot Noir grape and considered a light and sweet white grape wine. Wine gurus pay little attention to the Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio grape blends considering it not a very serious addition to the wine rack. But I haven’t really indulged yet and what better way to begin than with a cheap white wine from California. Today it’s the Barefoot Pinot Grigio from the Barefoot Republic folks in sunny California.

The glass of Pinot Grigio has a creamy white lemon tone to it. Simple but enticing, a little like the bottle label. I dunno something about the footprint makes me think long walks on the beach refreshing wine after a stroll and rain. Well, I don’t know about all that.

Barefoot Pinot Grigio smells creamy, as in it smells slightly musty. There is a scent of crushed flowers, fresh lettuce and a hint of strawberry. A second swirl and sniff and the musty odor only increases, dominating the bouquet. I detect a slight sourness to the nose as well and can only presume it will not appear in the taste.

Sharp and clean first sip, perhaps a little over chilled. There is a hint of carbonation which I can only presume is due to the processing as this is not a carbonated wine. The lemon creaminess remains on the palette and despite the label suggesting a pasta paring I think this would be excellent with homemade lemon meringue pie. It’s what I think of when I drink it and now I want pie.

This is an easy to drink light crisp when and very cheap at that. For a white wine, I’ll say yes give it a try.

The Barefoot brand is apparently all about creating fun easy to drink wines at a reasonable price point that both the novice and the expert will find pleasing. They sponsor the beach sports and seem to pair wine with outdoor exercise and good friends. Well, I can’t really argue with that but not sure if I’ll be joining them on the beach.

Maybe afterward near the wine rack for a little pie and wine.