Entice a Chef with Chef Wine Charms

Sometimes I enjoy cooking, but not when I have tons of studying to do. Who has time to plan an elaborate menu when they have a plethora of silly hormones to memorize? Not me! So, I’ve been daydreaming about having a personal chef, who would be required to use Chef Wine Charms while working magic in the kitchen. This individual will have to be an absolute master of Korean, Thai, and Italian cuisine. It’s likely I’ll be requesting bulgogi just about every weekend, so a constant supply will be appreciated. I can’t help it, it’s an addiction. As for payment, I imagine this illustrious chef will accept wine rather than US dollars. After all, he/she will find more enjoyment from the bottlings pulled from the 144 Big Bottle Supreme Wine Cellar than practically worthless pieces of green paper.

Comedian in the Wine Cellar

President Obama might have to go into comedy once he’s finished his term. His recent performance at a fundraising dinner event was of top notch quality. I laughed so hard at his comment about Cheney not attending because he’s writing a memoir about ” how to shoot friends and interrogate people” that I nearly tripped and fell right into my 144 bottle supreme wine cellar.

I also loved it when comedian Wanda Sykes joked about Mrs. Obama patting the Queen of England’s back. Sykes describes the back pat as akin to a baseball home-run praise “way to go, queen!”
Another comment that made my wine charmed glass of Riesling shoot directly out my nostrils was when she mentioned that the  ”first black president” is amazing to say but if he screws up people will exclaim “what’s up with the half-white guy, huh?!”

Wine Cellars For Celebrity Moms

What else would a celebrity mom want other than something from Discount Wine Cellars? I mean they probably already have all the diamonds, private jets, and handbags they’ll ever want or need.

So, the only solution is doing a massive upgrade to the celeb wine cellar. A famous mom might even want two wine cellars since one can be reserved for storing gift bottlings. What is a better gift than a stunning supreme wine cellar or a wine accessory such as the under cabinet stem glass holder? You know they would be a requirement for each guest bedroom in the quaint 200 room mansion.
Speaking of well-known moms, I just saw a few photos of the gorgeous Halle Berry and her little girl, Nahla. Talk about cute!!! Nahla already looks like she’ll grow up to be just as beautiful as her mommy.

Discount Wine Cellars Member is a Bird Rescuer!


Two days ago I was sitting here doing my favorite thing, shopping online at Discount Wine Cellars, when I suddenly heard a loud “thwack” outside the house. Judging from the awful sound and direction of it I knew a poor bird had hit one of our upstairs windows. Normally birds don’t collide with the windows anymore since I put decals on them; after witnessing a death of a young robin and a close-call with a beautiful yellow warbler I’ve always made an effort to make sure the windows here are safe.

About two seconds after hearing the impact, I nearly knocked over my wine charmed glass putting my shoes on to run outside. I found the adult American Robin on the ground with wings splayed out and eyes slightly closed. He was panting, as if the wind had just been knocked out of his small body. I knew he was probably stunned and possibly injured so I was fearful of moving him. I don’t have much experience handling birds and didn’t want to drop him. Plus, once they start beating their wings it sends me into a panic. So, I just grabbed a medium sized towel from the bathroom and wrapped him up for around 30 minutes.
After much vigilance on my part since my outside cat, Alpha, was thinking the bird would make an excellent meal, I peaked at the bird wrapped in the towel to see if he had recovered. The robin’s eyes were wide open and he looked ready to fly away. He only paused and looked at me for a second before he quickly flew into a large tree. Hooray!! He made it! Time to pull more Barefoot Pinot Grigio from the 144 Bottle Supreme Wine Cellar. Cheers to a successful rescue!

Wine Cellars vs Online Classes

Surprises are always a plus when walking into the wine cellar. As for online classes, surprises usually mean you’ll be needing to purchase additional equipment and software. Or, it means you’ll need to quickly figure out how to use the awesome yet complicated equipment already on the computer. What a pain, eh? Why can’t it be as painless as waltzing around the bottles stacked on the 144 Bottle Supreme Wine Cellar?

It’ll be hard to enjoy the next two days off now that I know I’ll have to make silly videos of myself for the class. Talk about embarrassing. I’m sure having my son screaming in the background will add a nice touch. Unless she’ll give extra credit points for drinking wine during my speech, I can’t see how an online college class can come close to the goodness of vino storage.
One benefit to the video thing is finally figuring out how to make video clips. Steven Speilberg, watch out!

Indulgence in the Wine Cellar

Or should I say, overindulgence in the wine cellar? Not sure what the plan was last night other than to guarantee I wake up with a huge hangover this morning. At least I drank myself into a stupor with style and grace using my new Sea Horses Wine Charm Set. I have no excuse for this plunder in judgment, other than loving the Barefoot Pinot a bit too much. Fortunately I took two tylenols and drank a large glass of water before diving into bed so technically my hangover wasn’t exactly huge. It did make me feel quite brain dead, sluggish, and nauseous. This is certainly not how I’d like to feel while taking my important program exam in a few days. Henceforth, there will not be a repeat of the fiasco unless someone is willing to fill all the empty spaces in my 144 Bottle Supreme Wine Cellar, take my exam, and perform a neuro-transplant on me.

Barefoot Pinot Grigio

It’s time to review a new favorite white wine of mine, Barefoot Pinot Grigio. This California vino has received 91 points for two years in a row, according to the bottle. I admit that’s partly why I decided to try it, along with the awesome foot print design and bright yellow label. It just looked so happy and cheerful, I couldn’t say no.   I actually like this inexpensive wine better than the Little Black Dress Pinot I was raving about earlier.

Barefoot is deliciously crisp, citrusy, and delicate. It’s a perfect pre-dinner white wine. I also think it’s great for parties, and at less than $10 per bottle you can easily entertain without going bankrupt.  I actually picked up mine on sale for $6, quite a bargain.
The verdict: I LOVE this wine. Love love love it! I’m going to buy several more bottles for the supreme wine cellar tomorrow. This might put a damper on further reviews but I can’t help it.

More Sense Than Biochemistry

I’m currently studying kidney physiology which is wrought with confusing chemistry review. I should know this stuff like the back of my hand, but I don’t. Hopefully this online urinary system lecture will help along with the freshly stocked 144 Bottle Supreme Wine Cellar. Having a glass of wine always helps calm the nerves, making it easier to concentrate on nephron function.

One thing I’m having a hard time is with reabsorption and secretion in order to maintain pH balance in the blood. There is a complicated trading of ions involving numerous steps. This is a unit I’ll have to read at least five times before I feel comfortable about it.
One thing that’ll help while taking this torturous exam is knowing my wine cellar awaits me. If I end up getting an A, I will throw a huge wine tasting party for everyone. I will also perform circus tricks while riding a unicycle wearing a glittery orange tutu, juggling fireballs, and wearing a hat with a fishbowl on top.

Celebrate Presidents Day

Is there a better place than the wine cellar for a celebration of any kind? No! So pull out the patriotic wine charms and get ready to party. Plus, I’m sure most of you have extra bottles of bubbly left over from Valentine’s. Unless you are like me and need to make another trip to the store to fill up the empty spaces in the 144 big bottle wine rack.

So, why do we celebrate Presidents Day? For one there are lots of awesome sales but what it’s really about is remembering Presidents such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  So let’s remember them by shopping and drinking wine!  I’ll bet they loved sales just as much as we all do.  However, Lincoln was probably most keen on gigantic top hat discounts.
If Washington were alive today, I’m sure he’d already be surfing the net for Discount Wine Cellars to fill his Mount Vernon Estate.  What else would he want for his birthday?

Shoplifting Dog

Why would a sweet dog want to take vino from your cellar? Silly to even contemplate. If a dog were to steal from the wine cellar it would most likely be the talented Siberian Husky Akira.  Fortunately this  shoplifting dog of Utah only has a nose for bones at Smith’s grocery store. Once again, this notorious (and adorable) criminal returned to the scene of the crime for more dog bones.  However, this time her owners paid for the stolen treat along with another bone.

I admit that if I had half the talent Akira has, I’d have way more interesting bottlings stored on my supreme wine racks.  In fact, I’d also likely be much less stingy with them as well since I wouldn’t have to worry about the price.  Why, price wouldn’t really be a barrier at all as they’d all be free.  By free I mean donated. What? You thought I was talking about stealing? Just picture me sitting here with shifty eyes and a charmed glass of 1787 Chateau Lafite that oddly tastes of vinegar since it’s long past it’s aging date.  Oh well, it did belong to Thomas Jefferson so I can’t complain.