Differences and Similarities

Has it ever confused you that one grape varietal can come in so many different guises on your own wine rack? Bottle after bottle of your favorite white or red might sit side by side, yet none of them will be exactly the same, even if they are made in the same year, or the same state. Continue reading

Wine, Friends, and the Wine Rack Store

I’ve been storing an Ovino Pinot Gris on my wine rack for some months now. I wanted to give it to friends of ours in the Fraser Valley and we finally went to see them this weekend. I’m not sure if my impressions are based on any changes in the wine as it aged, but it was even better than that first sample at the tasting bar. Continue reading

Customers Appreciated at Cream Ridge Winery

There are definite advantages to being a member of at least wine club. Members receive invitations to special events which are not open to the public. They could receive discounts on purchases and have access to new releases before they hit commercial wine racks. Continue reading