The Charity Races


Recently an American on-line wine magazine launched the ‘Wine for Haiti’ auction in which people have bid on donated wines and related paraphernalia, all proceeds destined for Haiti. Up for bid have been items such as rare wines, wine magnums, wine-related art, books, and software, and more.  In a bid to help Haitians, but also to engage in friendly competition for a good cause, the Australian on-line wine magazine ‘Booze Monkey’ has challenged the ‘Palate Press’ to see who can make the most money for Haiti relief. This is a charity race, not to be confused with a ‘chariot’ race. No horses, no dust. Although there are few ‘rare’ items on the five-page Australian list, there are a lot of cases of wine and they’re just getting started.
Imagine filling your wine rack with just a few well-timed bids on items like one dozen Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2008 from Juniper Crossing, a dozen Riesling from Kirrihill Slate Creek, and another dozen, this time Mantra ‘Muse’ Reserve Chardonnay 2007. This last one sells for $348 per/dozen retail (Australian Dollars). I’ll be keeping my eyes on that auction as few have really racked-up bids yet, while the Palate Press auction is well into its stride but continues to see bids flying back and forth. One Hot Lot was the ‘Wine Goddess’ Print by Sara Nelson which looks as though it might go for $400 USD, though it is worth $500 retail. Someone is getting a good deal, while Haiti is about to get $400!
Meanwhile, the people at Palate Press continue to accept items for auction and the catalogue changes every time I look at it. One such Lot is a 1988 bottle of Cuvee Dom Perignon. All contributors to the wine-loving community have been very generous.
This is a race that really interests me and clearly is inspired by a better cause than national glory. Whoever wins, the people of Haiti take home the gold.

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