Wine and Easter Dinner


Never before have I considered what wine to drink with Easter Dinner. Usually, we just have water, or some special fizzy drink for the children. Being Anglophiles we follow-up most meals with a pot of tea, my preference being mint after one of our big roast dinners. Thankfully, these are only enjoyed three or four times each year. I also think this next Easter Dinner may prove one of the most enjoyable for me as I assess my choice.
First of all I have to choose a meal, either turkey or baron of beef. If I go with baron of beef, red wine seems the likeliest choice, but I’m not really a red wine lover. The tannins and oak I often associate with these drinks have left a negative impression, though I have found the odd gem. On the other hand, a beaujolais is said to offer fruitiness without bitterness, so I may go to the French wine rack at our local liquor store.
On the other hand, roast turkey may make its way to our table, in which case I can go for either red or white wine. Our choice will depend upon the trimmings and style of cooking. Roast Turkey with a prosciutto and hazelnut crust (I need to learn the word ‘yum’ in more languages than just English and French) pairs well with a Barbera, or so I read on WinedIn. On the other hand, a simple Roast Turkey may go well with a Gewurztraminer.
Then again, if I dry-out the meal and we end up eating pizza, I may not care what wine goes with what and just get myself a straw. Everyone else can drink the fizzy kid’s stuff while I suck back the grape.

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