More Halloween Cocktails

Jinkies! There really are Halloween cocktails made with wine, or mostly fortified wines and champagne. Okay, this limits you and the contents of your wine rack  a little, though less so than the previous collection. That is, unless port and methode traditionelle can be found among the bottles. If so, bottoms-up. You’re on your way to making chilling cocktails without an arsenal of expensive spirits.

Let’s just assume that by ‘Nelson’s Blood’ the creator of this red drink had The Admiral Nelson in mind; commander of the Victory (great viewing if you get a chance); hero of Waterloo and Trafalgar, also known for his column in London. Make this from champagne and port.

A Sangue Frio (Cold Blood) actually looks too much like blood for me to even want to try one. Also, if you ever look-up Sangue Frio on the internet, add ‘cocktail’ to the search. You just can’t unsee some images. Create your chilled plasma using port, ginger ale, slices of green apple and orange juice.

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