19th Wedding Anniversary for a Wine Rack Writer


Monday is our 19th wedding anniversary, a strange number. Our 20th will be a big one, but what do we do for the one before it? I mean, you want to live every year as though it’s your last, but that can cost a lot of money and we can’t spend like this is our last year together every year. Continue reading

A Look at German Wine

Tom Cannavan of Wine Pages et al writes that German wine-makers are responsible for their own bad reputation among drinkers. While many fine vintners have been working in the industry all along, others became ‘greedy’. For two decades or so there have been ‘mass plantings of mediocre grape varieties on undistinguished sites’. Continue reading

Joseph Drathen Riesling

There are lots of people who struggle with the kick that many wines carry as they go down. On the nose there is plenty of fruit. In the mouth a shock awaits them. Sometimes this is dryness; other times it is a mixture of flavors commonly associated with road maintenance and furniture repair. The Joseph Drathen Riesling is a great choice for a gentle introduction to white wines. Continue reading